Technical support

we pride ourselves on providing innovative and reliable technology solutions for all your IT needs. Our team of highly trained experts is ready to help you optimize and maintain your technology infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and a seamless experience.

Review and diagnosis ( PCs, laptops, printers, servers)

At WizzLoop , we specialize in providing comprehensive testing and diagnostic services for a wide variety of devices, including PCs , laptops, printers, and servers. Our team of highly trained technicians carry out a thorough review of each device to identify any hardware or software issues or failures. We use advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to determine the root cause of problems and take the necessary steps to correct them. Whether it's performance issues, operating system errors, or hardware failures, our goal is to restore optimal functionality and performance to your devices.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

At WizzLoop , we understand the importance of regular maintenance to ensure the trouble-free operation of your systems. Our preventative maintenance services include regular checks and software and firmware updates to keep your devices and systems up to date. In addition, we carry out adjustments and optimizations to maximize performance and stability. Should a problem arise, we also offer corrective maintenance to quickly fix any failures or errors. Our goal is to ensure your systems are in the best possible condition and minimize downtime. Cleaning and dust removal: Dust accumulated on devices can affect their performance and cause overheating

Installation of operating systems and software

we offer expert software and operating system installation services. Our trained technicians have in-depth knowledge of various platforms and applications, ensuring a smooth installation process. We meticulously configure and optimize your systems to meet your specific requirements, enabling smooth and efficient operation of the software. Trust WizzLoop to handle your operating system and software installation needs with precision and expertise. Requirements assessment: We analyze your needs and requirements to determine the most appropriate operating system for your environment.


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